Download The Whastapp For Ipad, Ios, and Iphone

Everyone around know that Whatsapp is a free messaging app which works well as the messenger on all devices. You can even download the whastapp for iPad, iOs, iPhone without any hassle. This app make use of the device data connection which can be either as 4G, 3G, 2G, or as the Wi-Fi for letting all the calls and messages to friends and family. You can switch from the SMS to Whatsapp for sending as well as receiving the messages, Voice messages, videos, photos, calls and more. There are several reasons as why one should use the Whatsapp? It includes the following as,

  • No fees: This application as the whastapp for iPad, iOs, iPhone uses the phone internet connection and allows you to exchange texts for free
  • Multimedia: It can be used for sending and receiving the photos, video or even the voice messages
  • Free calls: This is a recent update on this app, which allows you to call your family and friends for free with its feature of Whatsapp Calling, even if the other person is living in other country.
  • Group Chat: You can enjoy the group chat with all your contacts so that one can easily stay in the touch with friends or the family.
  • Whatsapp web: one can even send or receive the messages right from their computer’s browser
  • No charges for international: there are zero charges for sending Whats app messages internationally. One can chat with the friends across the world without paying any of the international SMS charge.
  • Always Logged In: With the whatsapp, one is always logged in so that you don’t miss any of the messages.
  • Quickly connect with the contacts: With the whastapp for iPad, iOs, iPhone the address book can be used for connecting easily with all. You don’t have to add on the hard to remember usernames.
  • Offline messages: In case if you miss on the notification or turn off the phone, this app can save the recent messages until next time when you use this application.
  • Lot more features: share the location, set customized wallpapers, exchange the contacts or notification sound, broadcast messages, the email chat history for multiple contacts or more.

The Whatsapp is designed for running the iPhones only. There are different ways for installing the messenger on iPhone, iOs or iPad. It is the ultimate app for messaging of current tech era. Some of the major steps to install this app on their Apple devices without jailbreaking the same includes,

  • Launch the set up file on the Mac
  • As soon as you have downloaded the pp side loader packages in the zip file online
  • Download Whatspp ++ file from online
  • You can navigate this downloaded file in the step two or even unzip the same
  • As soon as you have done that, you will be able to see the file name of the Xcode project and the app.ipa.
  • Copy this file into your unzipped folder
  • You can delete this file and rename the same
  • Open up the project file and beside that there is a ppisdeloader and further tap the same.
  • Start using Whatsapp


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