The Best Way To Paint My San Diego Home or Condo

To enhance the value of your San Diego home or condo, especially if you are looking to sell it, it is a good idea to repaint or touch up existing paintwork to attract more buyers, allow for a quicker sale, and potentially earn you more money than a home without a redo. Below we list the best methods and solutions to any problems you may encounter when painting your San Diego property.

Types of Paint to Use

You need to select the best type of paint to use on your San Diego property especially the sheen.

Types of sheen are as follows:
Low-Sheen (low gloss) paints have none to a little observable sheen/shine to them.
Higher Sheen Paints are semi-gloss, gloss and enamel. They have the most visible sheen/shine.

The popular choice when painting your San Diego property is semi-gloss or high-gloss paints for kitchens, bathrooms, stairways and halls and also for windows, trim and doors. The popular choice for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms are lower sheen paints.

Selecting Paints

There are two main types of paint water-based (or latex) and oil-based (or alkyd).

Choosing the right paint for your San Diego property will depend on how durable you wish the finished painting to be with oil-based paints being more durable. However, water-based paints are easier to clean. You need to balance the durability and ease of cleaning when you decide which paints are best for your Everyone loves android apps and games. They make our life easy and keep us entertained at the same time. Many times, most of us bluestacks for PC and feel the need to  San Diego property. You will also need to consider the health aspects of the paint you use on your San Diego property as oil based paints give off greater number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as the solvent evaporates after painting compared to water based paints.

These VOCs can be a strong irritant and can add to air pollution.
Exposure to VOCs varies from person to person. Effects include coughing, headaches, dizziness, or more serious conditions. It is especially important for respiratory sufferers, those with allergies, asthma, and households with young children or pregnant women to avoid paints with VOCs. When choosing the paint for your San Diego property, look for the key words like low VOC, or better yet No VOC.

Lead In Paint
While lead in paint has been outlawed since 1979 it is possible that for older San Diego properties that the current décor contains small amounts of lead paint. This has health implications when you strip the walls in preparation for repainting or if the old paintwork is flaking, peeling or blistering. To check if the walls contain lead, you can obtain a lead paint test kit at most major hardware stores. Sanding or heat stripping lead paint requires safety precautions, including protective clothing, a mask, goggles and gloves. Lead paint in the form of sanded particles is a health hazard.

Estimating how much paint you require for your San Diego property, You need to accurately measure the area to be painted in order to obtain the square footage in each room and deduct the square footage of the windows and doors. A 4-litre (1 gallon) pail of paint will usually cover 400 square feet) so by knowing the overall square footage you can estimate the amount of paint you need to buy.

If you are not going to fully strip off the old paint work first but are just going to paint over it you need to allow extra paint if the original paintwork is darkly colored as you will need to apply more coats of paint.

Brushes and Other Tools
Buy the best quality paint brushes and rollers available to help ensure that the paint strokes are less visible.

Preparing the surfaces of your San Diego property ready for painting is perhaps the most important part of the painting process.
Go thoroughly over all areas of your San Diego property in order to assess any repairs that need to be carried out before painting.

Painting New Drywall/Wood
You will need to prime any previously unpainted drywall or plaster surfaces. Previously unpainted wood can be stained, or painted.

Special considerations
Covering water stains, knot holes etc.

When using water based paints bleeding through my occur of any water stains, wax crayon marks or previously unpainted knot holes. You will therefore need to apply first a special stain blocking sealer before applying the paint.

Severely Damaged Walls
If walls are badly damaged, it may be quicker and cheaper to install an additional layer of new drywall.

Peeling Paint
You need to scrape and sand off any peeling paint prior to repainting.

Painting Tips

1. Do not excessively thin paints as this decreases their wear resistance and washability.

2. Always paint with a window open and not when the temperature is below 10° C (50° F).

3. You can remove solvent based paint from your skin by using vegetable oil.

4. If you use solvents of any kind, store the used solvents in an old paint container with a seal and take them to the toxic waste center in your community. Do not pour solvents down the drain.

5. Sand really well after patching.

6. The surface to be painted has been thoroughly cleaned after sanding.

7. Use a roller which you have taken a lint brush to, before using.

8. Smooth evenly painted walls are more readily achievable if you.

9. Use a roller designated for the type of paint you are using.

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