Our Process

Customized Scheduling
We are flexible with accommodating your desired work schedule

Project Durations
We will complete the project based on our contractual obligation so all other trades or deadlines are met and not altered.

Production While Maintaining Quality
Our experience allows us to work conveniently with the owners, tenants, businesses, or business occupants. We factor accommodating each clientele so that there is minimum inconvenience.

Working With Your HOA Rules
We abide by all rules that your association or community has set forth. We understand that we represent you, and that a professional image is a must.

Assisting By Any Means Possible
Prestige Painting will assist you in order to inform you what will take place on a global level. Being proactive and educating on what to expect post project is done on each and every project.

Communicate, Communicate, And Communicate!
We believe that trust is important with all projects. Before you establish trust, an expectation needs to be fulfilled. By communicating each step of the way, we build rapport and trust as the project progresses.

Our Process Ensures Satisfaction.

Free Consultation! –We have an effective conversation with the customer to discuss what they want. A detailed typed description will be provided. No vague, hand written carbon copies! A professional contract outlining what will be done is always provided.

Follow up is Key- After delivery of proposal, a follow up call or meeting takes place. No sales pitch done here. We take the time to explain and describe what we have offered to do. Revisions or alterations can be done to fit your budget. But our practice allows to educate each and every customer.

Operations – We follow a strict schedule based on all previous consultations, agreements, and logistics. By the time we get to this stage, we have clearly defined our roles and what needs to be done beforehand.

Post Project Procedure – A sign-off sheet is filled out and attached to each invoice to ensure satisfaction. A spreadsheet of colors and products are provided for your use years later. And left over paint is labeled and left at the close of each paint project.

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