Interior Painting

Interior Painting

At Prestige Painting we use our experience to develop an approach that helps us deliver a long lasting quality paint job.

At Prestige Painting, we can help answer these questions when doing an interior paint job:

How to paint complete rooms
How to paint ceilings

How to paint decks
How to paint doors
How to paint walls
How to paint windows

Here are some general services while working on an exterior painting project. Please refer to the details within your proposal because these services may vary from project to project.

Start up

Personal belongings are arranged at a safe location. These items are carefully handled and covered with plastic. Flooring or carpeting will be covered with Rosin paper, plastic or drop clothes.

Holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are patched and filled. Cobb webs are broom cleaned. Glossy surfaces are then scuff sanded to dull the existing sheen.

Spray painting or brush and roller methods will be used to apply the paint coatings to provide a uniform finish.

Personal belongings are put back to their location. Carpets are vacuumed and floors are swept. Tools and equipment are removed from the project.

We inspect the work first before taking your time to do a final walk through. After satisfactory completion, we proved a sign-off sheet to make sure the work has been completed.

Interior Painting
All aspects of interior painting and refinishing.

We protect floors, furniture and other surfaces not being painted. We remove all electrical plates and unpainted handles and strikes while painting. We leave labeled paint of each type for future use. Your home will be kept and left neat, clean and orderly.

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