Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

At Prestige Painting we use our experience to develop an approach that helps us deliver a long lasting quality paint job.

Here are some general services while working on an exterior painting project. Please refer to the details within your proposal because these services may vary from project to project.

Pressure Wash.
Exterior surfaces are usually pressure washed or cleaned in some manner to remove surface contamination from dirt and mildew.

Soil Trenching.
The building foundation will have soil trenched away 4-6 inches to allow for an evenly painted foundation.

Surface Preparation.
Loose and flaking paint is scraped and primed using an appropriate primer based on the surface. Glossy surfaces are scuffed to dull the sheen for topcoat adhesion.

Masonry Repairs.
Holes or cracks in the stucco or masonry will be patched matching the existing texture.

Acrylic paintable sealants can be applied to miter joints, butt joints, 45 degree wood cuts, and/or horizontal surfaces to prevent water intrusion.

Surfaces not being painted will be covered with plastic and/or drop cloths to protect the surfaces.

Spray painting or brush and roller methods will be used to apply the paint coatings to provide a uniform finish.

Daily cleanup is conducted. Fallen paint chips and debris is swept up. Our equipment and tools are picked up and stored neatly.

We inspect the work first before taking your time to do a final walk through. After satisfactory completion, we proved a sign-off sheet to make sure the work has been completed.

Exterior painting
Our reputation has been built for doing things properly…you benefit by having a home that is both beautiful and long lasting with a written warranty!

Yes…we do protect all glass, plants, walks and any surface not being painted. We do keep and leave site neat, clean and orderly with labeled paint of each type left on site for future use.

Exterior Staining
There are many stains out there but very few give durability, ease of refreshing, along with a rich translucent look. We know the proper techniques and materials to give you a beautiful rich look.



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